Oksana Dranchuk | artist


My body is tired,
So is my soul,
And so I need to pull my energy back
Don't try to understand or to explain my actions
I have no excuses other than my history
Yet I will do what it takes to recover myself
Since my world is beautiful when is firm and is invisible when I am distracted.
And if all my character turns to opposite that is only because in the way I was you made me feel uncomfortable.
I can sacrifice myself no longer or loose myself in people because when nothing of me is left there is no one to put me back together.
And I'm not sad anymore as well as no longer happy, for today I'm only a breathing human.
And if u cannot find me anymore it is because I disappeared in peace within myself,
Yet, if you still see me it means that you are in this peace with me,
And let it all happen in silence, since the world of words is alien to me and I do not listen.
And any attempt to prove me something will only underline what i already know.

So Let the healing begin.