Stress is a collection of negative energies, or frequencies, that destroy the immune system and the body's ability to function properly and defend itself. White Noise is also a collection of frequencies. Except, these are Universal frequencies to which our bodies were naturally calibrated, or programmed, in order to operate at their intended, healthy state. White Noise frequencies cancel up the frequencies that make up the stress.


My first job ever was to troubleshoot frequency modulation circuits for a telecommunications company, a field that I have been fascinated with my whole life. At the time, and as involved as I was in monitoring and calibrating frequency exchange systems to their required specifications, I didn't know how important frequencies actually were in life. It took me many years, and a better understanding of life before I learned that everything has a frequency. I mean - EVERYTHING; mobile phone signals, light, sound, our bodies' energy, plants, animals, planets, even objects. EVERYTHING.

When the natural frequency of anything is thrown out of its natural phase (for any reason) then system breakdowns and deseases happen. In humans, there are three reasons why this happens: (1) exposure to external factors (i.e. environment), (2) personal habits (i.e. burning the candle at both ends), and (3) and most importantly, being subjected to continuous, high levels of stress. Removing the stress is the key to healing and leaving healthy. While there are many cures for stress (no, not drinking), in my opinion, white noise is the most efective one. Why? Because it's like fighting fire with fire, except at a frequency level. It's a non-intrusive, non-chemial, process of recalibrating the body to its natural state of operation. Besides, it helps the body and brain recalibrate with no effort or blue pills that remind you to do it.

More recently, while reading about the 5G and everything, I couldn't help it but think of a research project that I did in 2010 for my first publishing business, Pacific Webcard Directory. It was a white paper project about the effects that the radio waves, electromagnetic fields and the city's tower repetitors for mobile and internet data transfer have on the human immune system. Lately, after listening over and over to the news about the skyrocketing issues related to the human immune system deficiencies, I know that all this could not possibly be entirely the results of bad habits. So, I decided to dug up this project and I am now republishing one "module" of it here, edited, and with no other intent than to give you some food for thought next time you watch the news on this. If you have any questions about this material, or would like to learn more about this subject, you can contact me. No, I will not try to sell you anything. Thank you for reading. — FrontPage.NYC Editor.



In essence, pure white noise is a continuous sound which contains the full range of frequencies audible to the human ear. While the source of natural white noise is the Universal ether, for the most part, "commercial" white noise sounds are created in sound laboratory conditions by using computer software which generate (or synthesize) every frequency from 0 Hz to 22,050 Hz at equal intensity, with absolutely no distortion or repetitiveness. The resulting sound is then recorded, in stereo, onto a digital medium, such as CDs, as a final white noise sound product. However, this IS NOT how we produced our white noise CD!


Depending on the technology used to capture it, real white noise quality can vary, however, with little to no significant performance loss. Unfortunately, driven by the marketability of the idea, the white noise concept has been stretched beyond its natural benefits. Today one can purchase a variety of "white noise" generating instruments that claim to clone and achieve the same stress-relieving effects. They dont! These machines contain computer-generated sounds embedded in their memory chips to resemble a variety of environmental conditions such as the sound of rain, waterfalls, ocean waves, thunderstorms, summer nights, tropical forests, song birds, heart beats, etc. However, these sounds, no matter how perfectly mimic the nature, they ARE NOT white noises, nor do they deliver the sound substance of the Universal ether we are talking about: Why? Because (1) they do not generate the full sound spectrum perceivable by the human brain, and (2) they are repetitive (very annoying) sound patterns -- not true, smooth, linear, Universal-emitted white noise frequencies.


Are you familiar with the expression "It happens so often, you won't even notice it anymore"? While people can hear a white noise sound, the human brain does not get any information from it; it does not have to process it -- it absorbs and accepts it as a natural state of relaxation. For this reason, pure white noise is used to mask the unwanted sounds and noises that surround us. At some point during the listening process, the white noise totally "fades" into the background taking with it all the other distracting sounds or noises.


Did you know that the human heart beats at the same rate at which stars pulse? And that our bodies absorb all the Universal frequencies that they need in order to live, grow and stay healthy? Or that vitamin "D" is not even a vitamin? It's a hormone that our body produces and that its production is stimulated by a specific frequency spectrum that it absorbs from the sunlight? Our body frequency is the same as that of the Universe. That is the pulse we are talking about here. So - plug yourself [back] into the pulse of the Universe and "tune yourself up"! Get de-stressed.


I am not the only one who believes that, by both its nature and as a result of thousands of years of evolution, our body has every capability to heal itself - that is, if not abused. The philosophy behind the White Noise CD we made available here is the fact that, unless properly dealt with, stress weakens and - ultimately - destroys the human immune system. While for the most part this process presents no alarming symptoms eventually, the mind and/or the body will no longer be able to defend themselves against external factors. It is then, when the development of (irreversible) illnesses and/or diseases in our body is fully mapped. White noise long term benefits to our mind and body go well beyond those experienced through candle light and wine on a Friday's night hot bath. I, mean, that's all nice and everything. Except, they don't last beyond the weekend.


The white noise recorded on our CD contains a 60-minute long, soothing, uninterrupted, linear capture of the pure sound of the Universal Ether. This is a natural sound that your mind and body identifies with the very minute you start listening to.

The sound on this CD is not computer-generated, nor is it a repetitive recording of any environmental or ambient sounds that you may recognize, i.e. rainfall, ocean waves, wind whisper, waterfall, etc. The sound on this CD was, literally, captured and filtered from original Space-emitted radio signals.

As opposed to motivational tapes or CDs, where the "uplifting effects" mainly last while they are being listen to, the soothing effect of this CD will last long after you had turned off its sound.


This white noise we are discussing here will eliminate any level of stress that you may be experiencing; it will bring you to a perfect state of relaxation; it will create a desired work environment, or an ideal meditation ambience, free of any unwanted sounds or noises.

You can listen to it as often as you'd like, whenever you'd like. You can play it at any time of the day or night, at any volume (well, within limits) with, or without headphones and it will disturb no one. It is ONLY YOU who will be able to hear it until - and unnoticeably - it will slowly fade into the background along with all other distracting sounds. It is then when you'll feel how all the stress that you may have been experiencing that day will be dissolved and replaced by a wave of fresh energy.

Listen to this CD while you sleep, read or work and experience a level of relaxation you've never known before. Plug yourself into the pulse of the Universe and tune back your mind/body harmony to the sync of its natural beat.


White Noise applications are pure science. Listening to White Noise sounds has nothing to do with spiritual practices or experiences. Being subjected to White Noise will not induce an out-of-body experience, will not put anyone in a day dream mode, nor will they reach any state of hypnosis or ecstasy. All these are items that do not even belong to this subject. Still, I thought I mentioned them just in case anyone may be totally confused after reading this.


Because of its sound masking properties, white noise is ideal as both a stress-relieving and relaxation aid, as well as a concentration tool in a huge range of daily situations. Among its most notable benefits, white noise...

  • The most important benefit is that white noise will help your body to retune and operate at its natural frequency.
  • Helps with sleeping disorders by bringing you to a full state of relaxation at the end of a hectic day.
  • Masks noises in an office setting by allowing the brain to ignore distracting ambient sounds.
  • Creates a perfect reading or studying environment.
  • Creates the perfect ambience for meditation.
  • Helps babies and young children sleep better by blocking unwanted sounds and noises.
  • While it doesn't stop snoring, it does mask its sound, thus making it easier to ignore.


While Padronius no longer produces this CD, due to a strong interest in the subject, we decided to continue to make this info available for reference purposes only.

White Noise CD - Plug yourself into the pulse of the Universe!

The background sound that you can sample on this page is an mp3, computer-generated audio file format. Its frequency range is extremely limited, so the desired, stress-relieving effect is non-existing. This is what you can download all over the place on the internet, or buy embedded in chips inside all kind of "relaxation" electronic products.

The white noise CD we produced during the reseach project at our directory, contains true white noise frequencies which we captured by using an Ultra Shortwave Frequency receiver when tuning into the empty Ether and recording these frequecies using a multi-track magnetic tape sound recorder. If you are familiar with the recording capabilities of magnetic tapes, you understand how these devices beat digital recordings by 1000 to 1 when it comes to capturing the highest possible quality of sound. The full frequency spectrum of this true (Universal) Ether-generated white noise was recorded as an analog sound file format which then we converted to an mp3 file without any editing whatsoever.