This is a book that will teach you how to treat your skin using the secret powers of fruits! It'll teach you how to make your favourite skin care creams and cleansers, how to use plant infusions to prevent wrinkles and how to massage your damaged skin in order to regain its elasticity and rebuild its supply of water. This book will also teach you about beauty, about who you are and how beautiful and sexy you are! And, it'll teach you how to stay that way!

Whether you have a normal, dry, oily, or sensitive type of skin, these recipes will show you which combination of fruits and vitamins is right for you in order to repair and keep your skin healthy and young looking. All you need in order to make your own beauty creams, are fresh fruits, vitamins, teas and herbs as they are available to us on daily basis.


For more than 90 years, four generations of my family have been enjoying the benefits of these recipes which are all based on well-kept secrets about the natural powers of fruits. This book contains rare knowledge that has been passed by word-of-mouth by many generations. This collection of homemade anti-aging recipes is the result of a family trade which I picked up as a young girl from my grandmother who, for over sixty years (!) has been using fruits, vitamins and teas in order to stay - as she would put it - "healthy, young and pretty FOREVER"! I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate to learn, and use all this knowledge first-hand. I am grateful and I believe that now it's my turn to share it all with others. I hope that just as many, many others, you too, will follow my advice and soon will experience the amazing benefits of the creams produced by these recipes. Myself, I have been using these recipes, successfully, for over twenty years. Yet, the first time I actually wrote them down on paper (and sorted them by skin type and benefits) was in 1996 when, while a business student, I presented them "packaged" as a marketing project. Shortly after that, the entire college new about, and were asking, for my recipes. As the result of an overwhelming interest in them from women of all ages, I decided to share this knowledge by printing a small, pocket book and setting up a simple webpage. Within a year, I shipped hundreds of copies (of what became known as "the little book that everyone wants") to over twenty countries on four continents. In 2002 I released the second version of this collection, this time, as digital content available on CD which contained all the original recipes that were available in the original book. However, the production of the CD was discontinued in 2005 when the book was made available online, as paid-for content, until 2008. At that time I've also added more recipes, more references, had it as a larger format and added colors to its new imprint layout. If you'd like to contact me to learn more about my book please go to this page.


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Stephanie Darie      

THIS COLLECTION OF RECIPES IS NOT A MEDICAL REFERENCE! If you believe in the powerful relationship between nature, health and beauty, then this is the book for you! This is a book about beauty and self-esteem. This is not, however, a medical reference. Since first published in 1996, the recipes in this book have been used successfully by hundreds of women with all skin types who, while maintaining healthy and beautiful-looking skin complexions, also managed to build priceless self-esteems. The author herself, has been using these recipes regularly for over twenty years. Throughout the content of this collection, we made notes as to the appropriate use of each recipe and, in an effort to provide you with some contextual terminology, at the end of the book we included a small glossary of basic terms. However, for full professional advice and complete information regarding different definitions of skin types, problems or treatments that you may be searching for, you should consult a dermatologist. Please note that this collection of skin creams does not contain information on the treatment of any specific skin problems including acne, rosacea or other related medical conditions. If you have serious skin problems, or are allergic to (certain) fruits, you are advised not to use this collection of recipes as a potential remedy. If that is your case, we strongly recommend that you see your dermatologist for professional advice on skin treatments. Do not use these recipes as substitutes to your physician's advice. Should you, however, decide to use these recipes for beauty purposes, we recommend that you use only natural fresh fruits as opposed to scented or flavored simulates that may appear to replace the genuine. Still, as each of us is unique, results may vary. Not all recipes may give the same described result(s) for everyone. Not all recipes my apply to you. The final decision as to whether to use these recipes or not, lies with you. You understand that by purchasing this book, and by making use of the information contained in this collection of skin cream recipes, you agree to waive your right to hold liable the author of these recipes and the publisher of this book, as to any kind of direct or consequential health, or otherwise, damages that may occur from your decision to use these recipes.