Ground floor opportunity for the right person(s) to help develop and introduce an amazing new art, music, film, and video service. If you have any expertise in media and with start-ups and want to be part of an exciting project with great potential read the following and then if it all sounds of interest get in touch with us. Thanks!


Introduction - Art, Music, Films, Video Tours

I began working on Vincent (i.e. The Vincent Project) in 2003. The United States of America was in the period of digital transition and many people and companies were looking for new and innovative ways to serve the consumer media market, a market at the time valued at $1.9 trillion dollars.

At the time, I was living in Malibu, California in a beautiful apartment overlooking the sparkling ocean above Zuma Beach, having just completed a visit to Eric Clapton's Antigua "resort" Crossroads Centre.

Previously I had also spent some time in a Malibu home where I had time to ponder what I might do with myself--perhaps finding a career working in television, music or movies, marketing, internet, etc.

I was inspired by Malibu and the excitement of living in an area with so many opportunities and accomplished artists, actors, moguls, etc.

Though I had never worked for the FCC, Disney, Sony, or any major record company of the other big media companies, I was conscious of the basic issues and opportunities the digital transition created for these areas of entertainment. Piracy (free file sharing of copyrighted media), file download quality, consumer experience, etcetera, were creating both challenges and opportunities to stakeholders and the consumer at large.

And I wanted to create something great.

Having come from a small business background selling products to a wide range of vertical markets ranging from banks and law firms to advertising agencies and tech companies, I had a basic knowledge of many different types of businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 50 corporations.

Over the years I developed a first-hand understanding of the personalities and workings of many businesses and knew that the new "media on demand" industry had the ability to help both businesses and consumers.

As an independent artist and business person, fortunately blessed with some extra money and free-time, I decided to use my gift to create what I believed would be a unique and beneficial system and service that could benefit my country and perhaps, in time, a good part of the world.

My plan was to "paint a picture" using a mac and desktop publishing software that would be suitable to present to people interested in media such as Ms. Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, David Geffen, Cher, and other artists as well as members of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, with all due respect to existing media distribution channels and design it as great consumer experience--unencumbered by, but conscious of, strict loyalty to any one public or private media company or network association.

I invested approximately $300,000 of my own money into a "Vincent" DVD reel, research documents, meetings and seminars, sample video tours, presentation equipment and time.

My hope was to introduce the concept I had to Oprah or Bill Gates and raise the capital to make a beta-test device as well as refine the presentation of what the system would ideally offer. The device would be an add-on to existing television and internet offering--not interfering with existing products and services--but would offer plenty of opportunity for new types of media including video and live stream tours of businesses and other areas including government and education.

What's more, the service was designed to offer special gallery theater showrooms where people can come in and experience a new style of media enjoyment/education, focussing primarily on the art, beauty and culture of countries and nations across the globe.

One of the key features of Vincent is the virtual tour of businesses where you get to see and understand some of the style and personality of the individuals and perhaps processes of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Disney or even a local shoe store in your neighborhood. cultures across the world. I looked at it as creating sort of a Woodstock vibe for the 21st century and beyond, using media to foster peace and understanding and For as little as $15 a month, people would have a new window of media, education and entertainment focussing on the richness of different businesses and celebration of a beautiful planet striving for well-being and peace among nations.

Vincent, which translates to "ultimately successful" and "conquering" and evokes the memory of Vincent Van Gogh as well as Vincent Atenassoff--the father of digital computing-- whose ideas were adapted by companies such as IBM,--will ultimately be successful.

Perhaps other services and experiences will come along in the future such as Harold, or Bruce or whomever--however Vincent, I'm sure, will serve our planet well.

The key mission and purposes of the service is to promote international world peace through the appreciation of different nations art, beauty and culture-particularly through music, film and video.

I. The beginning

One day in Malibu I was sitting quietly imagining a futuristic flat- screen TV that would interact with the user in a simple and straightforward manner.

I chose the name Vincent, at first, because of my appreciation for the art and life story of Vincent VanGogh. Later I found out that Vincent was also the first name of the gentleman who many consider the father of the digital computer--Vincent Atenesoff.

I wanted the simple ability to interact with the screen with simple commands such as:

"Hey Vincent"

"Bring me Monet"

And with that the screen would display all the known works of artist Claude Monet from which I could choose...

"Spring Gardens of Giverny"

At which the screen would fill with the selected painting.

I could then say
"Save This To My Gallery"

Then say
"Show Me My Gallery"

Which would show me all previously saved artworks from previous requests.

I then would say
"Bring Me my favorite Warhol"

Which would likely show me Andy Warhol's silkscreen rendition of Marilyn Monroe.

I would follow with:
"Save This to The Gift Shop"

At which point the system would take the image and superimpose it on a selection of gift shop products ranging from T-shirts to clock faces to frisbees, lunch boxes, etc. With the cost of any selected gift item billed (along with any royalty for use of the image) to my monthly Vincent invoice.(See cafe for example)

II. "Bring Me The Beatles"

Within a fraction of a second all the Beatles albums appear on the screen. Simply name one for it to play. Vincent will be a brilliant new music service that will create an interesting new world platform for musicians from around the world to create what hopefully will be a "Peace Train" vibe.

III. "Bring Me Beatles Movies" -
The same quick response. Simply name one for it to play.

I figured if the system were to readily bring me digitized quality art why not "bring me" to different cities or neighborhoods to go shopping or at least have a look at what stores, shops, boutiques.

"Hey Vincent"

"Let's Go Shopping in New York City"

Vincent then offers me a selection of different areas of New York such as Soho, Greenwich Village, 5th Avenue, etc.

"Let's Go Shopping in SoHo"

Suddenly a screen full of company names and logos fills the screen from which I choose "Ellen's Shoe Boutique"

The screen then opens with a video on command tour of Ellen's:

"Hi. I'm Ellen and welcome to Vincent's tour of my shop located at 75 West Broadway in Soho, New York. Come in and take look at the beautiful selection of shoes we offer and meet some of my co-workers dedicated to serving you!"

Each Vincent tour might take 1 to 4 minutes (thereabouts) and ideally be professionally produce at a cost shared by the individual business and Vincent Digital Media Corporation.

This feature offers Vincent subscribers with a unique look at the ambience and personality of any given business.

Of course it will take time and money to gather a substantial number of shops but the effort will, in the long run, be most definitely worth it as more and more subscribers ability to visit.

Vincent Tours

Vincent will feature tours of businesses and the best examples of the style we plan on projecting may be found in the following examples:

  • The Stickley Story.
  • The Ferrari Factory Tour Maranello Italy
  • The World of Fair Trade-10000 villages Canada

Business Model

Vincent partners with Professional Video/Film production companies to produce Vincent quality video tours. Cost is production plus 15%. Production crew gives 10% discount to Vincent. Video is posted to the service free of charge for one year or longer. Site is promoted online and in print

Plan is to distribute invitation DVD to NY ad agencies to show their clients a new advertising platform to reach and educate their customer. A whole new way of quality advertising. A brand new market. Vincent will connect the agency with the production team if they want to use it.

IV. As far as music is concerned...

One of the primary reasons for creating Vincent is my belief that music is one of the surest ways to lift the human spirit. With so many circumstances challenging the music business in the age of digital file sharing Vincent provides a whole new spectrum of music service--presenting to artist not only a way to protect their valuable artistic treasures -- but it also presents the opportunity to create a 21st century "peace train" vibe. New content, new artists, international peace promotion. Quite nice. One other nice feature is the electronic bouquets users may send to their favorite artist supporting the artists chosen charity ($10.00-$100.00). Our music service will be tied to Vincents AngelLine feature: Spotify online music service has 191 million subscribers. When Vincent reaches 100 million subscribers Vincent will use .25 cents of every members daily subscription and create a fund of $25,000,000 - the money then is to be distributed to 50 needy families in The United States. The individuals will then be asked to be video-documentaries to see how the money has changed their lives.

V. Discover the best!

With so much information available to consumers today, Vincent will serve to offer the best, most interesting, beautiful and educational content available anywhere.

Our exciting Gallery Showrooms will be like fine theaters where people can come in and take a look at classic as well as new styles of media. In it you may find display cases of handmade products or object des arts from small villages or remote cultures along with a theater screen showing the products being made by village artisans.

There you will also learn about many other benefits of being a Vincent subscriber and customer.

VI. Do I really need another service?

Whose to say? It depends if you want to be part of something above and beyond your average television or internet experience.

Our goal is to make the service so affordable that it may actually reward members for being members.

For instance, Vincent's V-mail service will actually reward you for viewing a product or service promotion. Yes, you may actually "get paid" for watching a specific minute or so promotion specifically delivered to your Vincent V-mail box.

Either way, you will likely receive a lot more benefits, both social and financial, than the estimated $15 dollar per month subscription charge.

VII. Printed Directories

Pixels are great. Paper is tangible. Vincent will provide annual directories of music, art, films, etc. In addition, a quarterly directory will feature interesting and new. We also hope to create guides for specific content creators such as Disney, Fox, SONY, etc. Our hope is that by providing such service we may help the owners of great media increase their sales up to 15% of what they are currently realizing.

VIII. Website first / Vincent Media Port Streamer-Server.

The design of the Vincent device and it's portable player device (Little Vinny) are fantastic.

Why I will choose IBM as our partner: They've been around the longest. They're respectable. They are experienced, knowledgable, capable and here for the long haul.

Our DVD reel shows more about our plan for the service along with some of the people involved. Get in touch with us if this project appeals to you and you think you can bring something to the table.


Chris Vincent Interactive Media


Hey Vincent Bring Me Adult Content. Show Kama Sutra.

Hey Vincent Bring Me Bollywood Movies with subtitles.

Hey Vincent Bring Me. The Home Casino. Deal Black Jack Play Slot machine.

Hey Vincent Let's write some music. Select London Philharmonic Orchestra (John Hanlon of Neil Young sound has digitized library).

Hey Vincent I want to dictate a letter to my congressman.

Hey Vincent Find Me A Job.

Hey Vincent Find Me A Date.

Hey Vincent I want to learn French.

Hey Vincent Teach me how to dance.

Hey Vincent Bring me Fashion Shows.

Hey Vincent Read me a book.

Hey Vincent Teach me to play guitar.

Hey Vincent When is high tide?

Hey Vincent Who has the Best Pizza in New York?

Hey Vincent Who's on first.

Hey Vincent Let's play trivial pursuit.

Hey Vincent Buy concert tickets.

Hey Vincent Enter Poetry Contest.

Hey Vincent How do I become an angel? Call 1800 Vincent and donate 50cents to Angeline.

Hey Vincent Show me Angeline.

Hey Vincent Journey across the universe. Urantia Book.

Hey Vincent Find me a pet for adoption.

Hey Vincent Find me a child for adoption.

Hey Vincent Play me music from The Saint Disco NYC.

Hey Vincent Play music from Studio 54.

Hey Vincent Take me to The Louvre.

Hey Vincent Take me to Carnegie Hall.

Hey Vincent Take me to The Metroplopiltan Opera.

Hey Vincent Who can spend Jeff's Money The Fastest? 2 players spend $86 Billion in less than 5 minutes.

Hey Vincent Lets play chess.

Hey Vincent Karioke Machine.

Hey Vincent Find Me A Date.

Hey Vincent Find Me A Job.

Hey Vincent Find Me A Sperm Donor.

Hey Vincent Bring Me To Portugal.

Hey Vincent Show Me Musicians needed.

Hey Vincent Show Me Musicians Available.

Hey Vincent Bring Me Craigslist*. Spilt with Craigslist with portion of Vincent's share going to Venus Project.