by Anand Arungundram Mohan

People commit suicide due to loneliness. They ache for human companionship, a desire to communicate their thoughts. Communication gives release to an otherwise burdened soul.

Does it not take the mind some amount of energy to create an idea? Isn't energy transferable and convertible? Whether you be a theist or an atheist, do you not agree that the holy scriptures have taken a huge part in shaping the present world?

The energy of the written word is infinite. You may draw from it as much as you want and there will be still plenty left for others. To be a writer is to tap into that infinite power and it energizes you as much as it does others, if not more.

As a novelist, I see lives of the characters thrive and perish just as if they lived under a microscope. Every movement of theirs and thought process analyzed; I am responsible for them and their behavior. They take all the glory in the story and I'm left with the critics.

Cheap words can be a costly mistake and everybody pays. In short, writers are admirers of LIFE and its many outcomes.

Anand Arungundram Mohan
Author of "The World's Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society."


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