I love pizza and living in New York, we have a lot of choices. I consider myself a pizza connoisseur. I like to try different places and compare to see what's good and what is garbage! Now, I grew up in Long Island, which has excellent pizza places. I went to school in West Virginia, and the pizza places there, were, well, questionable for the most part.

I would like to think that I have a knack for good tasting pizza. The thing in NYC is that everyone claims they have the best pizza in NYC. I guess that is a matter of opinion, but it doesn't matter what you think because I am writing this article, not you, so with that said, let's get to it...

So what makes a good pizza? Well, to me it is the sauce and cheese distribution. I personally don't want my cheese coming off my pizza while eating it. I also think how well and how the pizza is cooked. I often tell them I want it well done so the pizza is crispy. Nothing better than biting into a NY pizza and hearing that crisp sound when you bite into it. It is music to my ears! Some places the pizza can be kind of doughy and too soft. It can still be good, don't get me wrong, but my preference is crisp all day! As far as the sauce is concerned, I don't like zesty sauce or sauce that tastes like ketchup. I recently went to a place called "Majestic" and I will never go back there again! The pizza was ok, but the sauce was way off and had a cheap taste to it, not only that, it made me sick, so that was a waste of $18.00. I am willing to shell out the dough to try the dough, but if the dough sucks, then I won't go back any more, ever!

Another thing I consider is how greasy the pizza is. I don't like blotting the pizza with a napkin, but I have many times because it is so greasy. I like clean pizza, no grease, no mess, no need for blotting. I recently tried a place called Pomodoros and it was really good! They made it quickly, it was a small personal pan pizza, but it was crisp, sauce was on point and the cheese was good! If I had one complaint, the flatness and lack of girth. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good pizza and the pricing was reasonable!

photo by Pedro Sandrini

I personally am not one for multiple toppings, so I like just cheese or maybe pepperoni, but for the purpose of this article, I am talking about cheese, no toppings. I can go on and on about pizza, so I will! Another really important factor for me is customer service and how busy a pizza place is. I hate waiting, it gets me irritable, so for me, no wait is a huge plus! Greeting me is always nice, as opposed to just being monotone and a sourpuss, nooone wants to deal with a sourpuss! Cleanliness is also important because you don't want to walk into a pizza place that looks like a dorm room! For the most part, the pizza places have been pretty good, as far as clean. The bottom line is, if you are a complete dick and give me attitude for whatever reason, chances are I am not coming back, no matter how good the pizza is, first impression is vital, you want to feel comfortable, and enjoy the food!