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Thank you for visiting FRONTPAGE.NYC. You are on this page, in particular, because you want to know who, exactly, is behind this and how the properties referred to here related to each other. My name is Dan and I am the creator, Managing Editor and Publisher of FRONTPAGE.NYC


Padronius Digital Properties is not a business. It's a private professional portfolio showcasing a life-long career in publishing, advertising and digital media. Through embedded links, comments and references, it also follows a thirty year timeline during which I created and owned several publications. FRONTPAGE.NYC is the latest one. The only way to understand why it exists is only by understanding my love for publishing and publications.


Yup, that's me!

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Purple Pages Publications (Edmonton, Canada)

I did not create Purple Pages Publications, but that is where my career in publishing and advertising began in 1989 and where, for ten years, I managed the development of special projects. During that time we built one of the first-ever fully electronic pagination platforms (for Quark XPress), an early digital ad syndication system, an online ad submission platform which accepted classifieds from readers and then formatted, fed and shared them instantly between international newspapers, and developed countless extensions for Photoshop that helped processed high-volumes of photos simultaneously for both the print and online versions of these publications. PX3 (Purple Pages Publications) is also what I will always remember as the best company I have ever worked for.

MacEwan University (Edmonton, Canada)

Between 1986 and 1996, I also held several term/contract positions at MacEwan University, a "school of hard knocks" with business, journalism and computer programs that challenged all other higher educational institutions in the country. Grant MacEwan College was also the first school in North America (most likely, in the world) which in 1986 officially offered a dedicated computer graphics diploma program. It was there where I was extremely fortunate to be part of, and work with teams of wonderful professionals. It was also where I built my knowledge in computer systems and applications and developed my research, data management and information indexing skills. As part of those teams, for ten years I was involved in the operations of a number of academic departments: the computer managed learning resources centers, the library's circulation, reference, research and special collections archives, and the computers, internet and information technologies services. Prior to that, while a student there, I created and published the college's, first ever, fully electronically produced TAC Magazine (Technical Applications of Computers 1986-1990).

Pacific Webcard Directory (Vancouver, Canada)

In 1998 I moved to Vancouver and started my own business, Pacific Webcard Directory, which I owned and operated as Publisher and Managing Editor for eleven years. PWCD was an online advertising service which created and published business advertising content and managed digital marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes and from many industries and disciplines in Canada and United States. Among them were publishing houses, advertising agencies, colleges and universities, cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical research labs, beauty and fashion houses, dental and medical practices, financial and investment institutions, real estate brokerages, computers, software and information technology startups, manufacturers, and import/export services. The directory also published a real estate private listings advertising database. In late 2010 the directory was sold to a Japanese marketing company which preserved some of Pacific Webcard's original domain names for its online advertising programs.

TWELV Fashion Magazine (New York City)

After moving to New York City in 2010, where I first worked on a few projects for Graphis Annuals and Ethis communications (a Wall Street-based advertising agency serving biotech and pharmacetical companies), in 2011 I met Hissa Igarashi, an amazing creative talent and former fashion stylist from Condé Nast and Vogue Italia. Hissa and I connected the moment we met and we had a plan.

Under the newly established Marbles and Marbles International Inc., a Presidio Japan Corporation entity, in 2011 Hissa and I co-created TWELV - a New York City fashion, culture and lifestyles magazine. Initially, we printed TWELV in the USA and distributed it in selected stores in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, London and Paris, as well as through Barnes and Nobel and Tokyo Haneda International Airport. In 2013 we decided to publish the magazine only online and, for the following five years, I continued my work there as Director of Digital Operations. Today TWELV continues to shape the talents of a new, younger generation, while helping to make their dreams and aspirations come true.

Front Page New York (New York City)

In 2018 when I decided it was time to bring all my major publishing projects under one portfolio, I created Padronius Digital Properties. FrontPage.NYC and FrontPageNewYork.com are part of that portfolio and the second of three publications I created, fully financed and managed in thirty years.

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