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In any form of the arts, one needs to believe in themselves and their talent. Not many can say they act on this philosophy. Yet UK artist turned New York sought-after actress has embraced this theory and it has proven to offer dividends. Adwoa Duncan-Williams who landed her first background gig on the blockbuster hit "Return of Skywalker" was soon to be a lead rather than a stand-in.

The lead roles she has recently landed are in the series "Ms/Manage" which is being produced by 220th Street Productions. This specific project Adwoa plays a woman who navigates the corporate world while balancing her own chaotic life. Carlene Robinison is the director of another film that Adwoa is a part of which is part of a health initiative film series.

Also on her plate is a short film entitled "Almost Enough" which is due to air on a national network BetHer. It will come out July and be a five-part series and was directed by American record executive and Talent Manager Mona Scott-Young. Others involved with bringing the project to life are Vivica A Fox, Caralene Robinson (Ms/Manage), Yvette Nicole Brown and Ta'rhonda Jones. The film also stars music entrepreneur and manager to the stars, Yandy Smith-Harris and actress Kellita Smith who is known for "Sister, Sister", "In Living Color" and "The Bernie Mac Show".

This year she just completed the filming of the feature "Specturm" where she also plays the lead character. In September of 2021 there will be theatre screening of the project and festival submissions. This specific film is a human-interest story that will touch many viewers. Adwoa who plays a detective suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer is adamant to solve a slew of horrible crimes regardless of her condition.

"What I loved about the story and what made it so different, was that my character, who is the star of the film, was born with psychic abilities, so is faced with an ultimate challenge of figuring out the crimes within her district as a respected high-ranking detective."

Adwoa is not only great on screen but also on stage. Only recently she filmed a theatre production monologue compilation play by the Production Company Black Latina Productions. In this project titled "Of Mothers and Men" she managed to lock in the lead role. The work will be available via Pay-Per-View and be performed at The Wild Project Theatre in New York in the summer. Adwoa welcomes to work either theatre or film, even though each has different layers as you learn to adapt to them. From the shores of the UK to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan Adwoa has proven she belongs on the stage or the silver screen.


""I have been fortunate to showcase my extraordinary talent here in the US since completing my training and graduating. To have obtained an important supporting role in a major network film, with distribution across the states here is massive and I am proud of this achievement. I have been fortunate enough to meet so many important people in the industry who not only believe and support my talent but have given me the platform to shine on. It is great to be getting mainstream recognition for my work now and to have projects lined up for the future. This is just the beginning."