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Talended Brooke Moriber rocks the bitter end with her eclectic sound.

Geoffrey Guerrero growing the Indie filmmarket one festival at a time.

Legendary Jamie Ross honored by art gallery artist David Craig Ellis in memorial.

Multi-talented Alexa Modugno pens her first book.

Sydney Machado International MMA fighter building his name.

San Giuseppe Cigars does it again with another successful event.

Fashion and Music Conference: does it again with another blockbuster show in New York City.

Shuning Huang: Asian peformer fuses Eastern and Western dance.

Nina Garcia: Single mother spreads her talented wings across many platforms.

Momo Kirimichi: Filmmaker/Production Designer creating magic on the screen.

DJ Diezel: Breaks out with original banging release "WANT YOUR LOVE".

DJ Diezel: When two artists mesh something special happens.

DJ Diezel: Manhattan hot spot turns up the music with DJ Dienzel.

Maria Tomas-Keegan: Life coach María Tomás-Keegan practices what she teaches.

Vivi Hu: On the heels of the success with her last single Oolong Tea, Vivi Hu breaks out with new lyric video.

Reformed Gangsters: Recent event with host/reformed gangster Anthony Ruggiano Jr. reveals new movie project.

Steve Harris: Like father like son boxing Hall of Famer Steve Harris Honors his father's legacy.

Danika St Denis: Building on her talent and moving up.

Grace Lin Niu: Dancing across the world stage.

MSCS Media: Young media company serves up everything from web development to intriguing interviews.

Agathe Likoba: Designer / entrepreneurial spirit leads TV show for aspiring artists.

Long Island Film Festival breaks out in its 3rd year.

Despina Mirou: Mesmerizing at the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

Danny A Abeckaser: A new film release to love.

Princess Long Long: Partners with Broad Group to improve the eco system.

Akahata-Honnavar: A creative, impressive filmaker.

Anthony Patanella: Champion boxer takes on celebrity match with The Naked Cowboy.

Zoi Maroudas: Entrepreneurial woman on a mission to improve health eating habits for children.

Adwoa Duncan-Williams: Shinning ever brighter on the screen and stage.

Marshall Oakman: Brings Us Another Gem In - At The Boiling Point.

Sara Pizzi: International Performer Sara Pizzi Spreads Her Love for Dance.

Agathe Likoba: Woman entrepreneur growing her brand globally.

Dr. Vesela Kirova: Classical Pianist/Teacher Bridging The Gap With The US and Europe.

Justin Marcel McManus: Multi-Talented Actor Aces One Role After Another.

Shawn ETCETERA McClain: New Film Project Features The Musical Genius of Award-Winning Artist ETCETERA.

Artemix Body Art: Face masks with style from innovative artist ARTEMIX.

Jesse Eplan: HIP HOP Artist Releases New EP "PLAYER".

Tianlan Deng: Artistic Tradition Meets Technology.

Ziyi Wang: Award winning SVA animator shines with new short film.

Natasha Kaminsky: Rock opera actress places her stamp on film and TV in New York. New sports betting site debuts with rave reviews.

Amy Tcheupdjian: Classic Cellist from Down Under entertains New York.

Yuliana Sleme Zetina: From South of the border comes a young actress breaking
     down barriers.

Brenda Pond: West coast entrepreneur Brenda Pond builds her own tanning brand.

Samia Omari: Actor / Musician manages to balance both mediums with results.

Linda Collins: Actor / Musician manages to balance both mediums with results.

Shawn "ETCETERA" McClain: HIP-HOP award-winning artist Shawn "ETCETERA"
     McClain climbing "way up" the charts with hot new singles.

Andy Choy: LI Art Gallery looking to expose American and Asian Artists one a time.

George Andreakos: Acting his way to the top with new mob flick.

Gal Yefet: Diverse artist bringing his film productions to life.

Eliya Rodeh: Inspiring the masses with her talent and vision.

Emiliana Ammirata: Capturing the human side of life through her lens.

Lizzie Blazque: Bilingual artist Lizzie Blazquez set to introduce her unique
     new single: Four Seasons.

Happy Freuds: Young band from Europe pay homage to classic rock with debut EP.

Hitomi Nozawa: Performing her way to the top.

Alizee Liao: Mixed media artist finding a home in the New York art scene.


11.06.19 New Book: "Destinies"

Mob Expert Nick Christophers releases 5-star rated book


Nick Christophers grew up around men in the mafia and knows about that life. His new book, "Destinies" is in the true crime genre was published by London / NY publisher Austin Macauley, which has already garnered a 5 star rating on Amazon. The book has appealed to woman readers since the main characteris the young lady, Nina Iorizzo who gets caught in the web of the mob only to fall in love with the very man who turned her life upside down. Only recently Nick appeared as a mob expert on the REELZ cable show "Mafia Killers w/ Colin McLaren" and was the editor of the niche magazine Mob Candy Magazine for 7 years. His knowledge of the world of organized crime is extensive.