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Agathe Likoba has made amazing strides with her clothing, cosmetics, and accessories line since taking the stage in the fashion world. But she is a multi-faceted woman who has many other talents at her disposal. She was asked to take part in a contest / TV show called Tutoplay that was produced by Miss Mahop. Agathe was brought on as one of the coaches and mentor for the contestants. Her company LIKOBA LLC was also a sponsor. Other sponsors were Pullman Abidjan, Air Côte d'Ivoire, MTN Life TV, Amina magazine, Côte d'Ivoire Tourisme, Jean Doucet Paris and MAAP.

The program’s goal was to bring together bring together a set of artists and entrepreneurs. The young men and women who competed were skilled various different fields. The contestants not only had to display their talent but manage to acquire as many votes as possible. They were chosen via a casting call who were either African or of African descent. The contestant that was able to win the challenge was Lionel Do-Rego aka Aguda Boy. Lionel also has his own fashion brand called Aguda Wear. The other contestants were Aurelien Zeh a musician who even though did not win was offered a deal from famous rapper Stanley Enow. Aurelien is also an ex track star and a CPA, whose goal is to open his Wellness center in Cameroon.

Agathe coached all of the five candidates for a few years until three were chosen for the finals. The three were Aurelien Zeh, Lionel Do-Rego and Precious Nkem. Unfortunately, Precious could not make it to Abidjan which Agathe found out last minute which was unfortunate. The other two candidates did an excellent job with the finale Tutorial challenge which was determining the winner. The winner was chosen based on votes of the coaches and the online votes. The whole project almost two years to complete from when Agathe was asked to take part in it.

The show was shot in 12 episodes between 2020 and 2021 in three different continents. Agathe was the only coach and sponsor from the USA. The reality part of the show and the finale were shot in Abidjan and Assinie (private Island) in Ivory Coast. Currently, the producers are still pitching the show to various networks. Due to COVID restrictions the show was delayed during filming and some major networks who were interested backed out. Yet networks like MTN TV and LIFE TV have agreed to air the show. They are still working on acquiring other networks to do the same. The producers hope to secure a 2nd and 3rd season depending on the success of the first installment.

"What separated Lionel from the others is the fact that he is extremely talented and skilled in two fields. We focused on both instead of one: Music and Fashion. He was very determined, motivated, hardworking, grateful and passionate and willing to go the extra mile to achieve his goal. During the online votes, he didn't sleep for two days gathering votes from family friends and online followers. This is how much he wanted to win. It meant a lot to him. The money he won, he will use it to prepare his collection he will be showing during Fashion Week in the United States. He also won other great prizes besides the money, including a trip to a chosen location and gifts from sponsors."