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For years people have become obsessed in trying to maintain a year round tan. But many of the options to accomplish that were harmful so the whole tanning idea went south. Yet people still yearn for that but where can they turn as tanning salons are not as popular as before. Well, the multi-talented Brenda Pond heard that call and developed her own tanning studio that is safe with real results. Her place of business is located in the scenic city of Hermosa Beach, California.

Brenda believed that people should protect their skin and specifically from harmful UV rays from the sun. Her product Bella Organic Spray Tanning provides UV free, natural, and certified ingredients that offer the cleanest, most eco- conscious sunless skin care products. The idea of Bella Organic Spray was an off-shoot of Brenda's spray-tanning business. The word "bella" means beautiful in Spanish and Brenda felt it a fitting title as her hash tag says "If it makes you feel Bella then do it! Get your Glow on."


So far, her clients have enjoyed the products she offers that they have purchased unlimited memberships per month, so they receive a spray tan at least once a week and in the long run end up saving more money. Basically the Bella's Organic Spray Tans lasts from 5 to 7 days. Yet you can prolong the Tans by using the after care products she provides for purchase. It is advised to come into the salon at least once a week or every two weeks, depending on the client on how they take care there skin. Also, Brenda suggests that exfoliating is really important to do before Spray Tanning. The application process lasts 15-20 minutes which includes nose air filters, PH balancing skin prep spray, post-tan tone & moisture treatment, full body air dry and after care instructions.

One of the more favorite products amongst clients and Brenda herself is the The Amino Acid Anti - Aging Tan. The Amino Acid Anti - Aging Tan includes the color booster as an addition to the mix solution. The booster has Amino Acid peptides to produce a darker and richer tan. It increases the color development two-fold. The DHA drops also contain copper which has healing properties and is amazing for producing Anti- Aging. It can also be used to create competition tan colors.

Spray tanning is to many a form of art and beauty combination. Her salon does offer various packages suited to one's desire and budget. Brenda has successfully offered a safe and fun way to sustain the tan that many crave so if you ever in CA stop over to Bella Organics for a fun and satisfying tanning experience. For more info go to the site below:


Bella Organics -
Spray Tanning & Skin Care

1046 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254