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"Travis is the mastermind behind this project, he wrote and performed the vocals. We both share a love and passion for music, which is why I believe we meshed so well on this project. He recorded his vocals and sent them to me, and I did my part and worked my magic. As far as the message behind this track "The Sizzle", and I know Travis agrees with me, our message is, do whatever makes you happy, do what you love, enjoy life and don't waste the time you have, "tilt your head back, close your eyes, relax and listen to the sound of "The Sizzle."

On the heels of this track's release, they are also on the verge of breaking out video and interview based on the project "The Sizzle" released on Carlos Manaca Label Magna Recordings. The interview basically rehashes the creation of the track and the love of music Travis and Diezel share. Soon it will come out along with remixes for the single. Diezel is also working in the studio and setting up future events with his management. In addition, he will be showering us with new music and possibly a full album. So be on the look out for the new grilling track "The Sizzle" with DJ Diezel feat. Travis Risueno due to light up dance floors worldwide.

In his years of DJing and rocking the dance floors across the New York landscape DJ Diezel realized his talents are not limited to clubs. Hence, he began to step up his musical genius by releasing his own music. This is the usual avenue most DJ's take as they establish a place among the other club DJ's. Diezel has been releasing music since 2018 and has not let up since.

His style is a fusion of tribal with hypnotic house that flows with a techno feel that is intoxicating. The moniker he chose is a testament to how he approaches his music and presents it with power precision. Diezel has worked with such labels Stereo Productions, Nervous Records, Magna Recordings, Phunk Traxx and 1980. He has performed at EDM festivals and many key venues like Studio Square, Cavali NYC, Amadeus and others. Currently, he has linked up with the venue The Dean in Manhattan which he plans to work out some slamming nights this summer.

Last year friend and fellow artist Travis Risueno approached Diezel with an idea for a track while they were at a barbecue and upon hearing the steak crackle on the grill it gave Travis a magic type of inspiration. The inspiration gave birth to the new track "The Sizzle".