by Nick Christophers, Journalist / Author

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It seemed that music would be Jesse Eplan's destiny when he took guitar and drum lessons. He quickly became immersed into the magic that music can generate. It was only a matter of time before he would share his skills and talents to the masses.

Even though his first taste of music was legends like Led Zeppelin he soon gravitated to urban artists like Future to Lil Uzi Vert, Chris Brown, Smokepurpp, MadeinTYO and Travis Scott. Yet the one that stood out for him the most was Future, since he appreciates the artist's beat selection and his vocal skills.

So far, he has released two albums 2017's "Trap Harmony" and 2018's "Purple Wave" which were in the Hip Hop / Trap genre. The Hip Hop / Trap community began to take notice of Jesse's talents and his popularity was growing. At first for the new project he released the single "Bakwoods" in the fall of 2019 and it started a fire that shed a light on the upcoming EP "Player".

With the new EP he took another direction musically where he researched what people were looking to listen to most. He focused on new sounds and tempos trying not to stay in one genre and being creative. The new EP was all done in quarantine and he blended everything he wrote, mixed, produced and mastered himself. It was an impressive solo project. He has collaborated with artists in the past like Famous Dex (A$AP Rocky, Lil Pump) and Kontraversy (Grafh, LouGotCash). But he enjoyed working with Kontraversy the most since their voices complimented each other especially on the track "Canon".

Unlike most urban artists Jesse prefers to go by his birthname not by a stage name. He prefers fans to know the real Jesse not some fake name. Jesse has played at many venues but the one that stands out for him was his first at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan which was a "Battle of the Bands". At the moment after the release of "Player" Jesse is looking to drop an R&B album in the summer with tracks similar to "Bakwoods". Jesse is also an avid basketball player whose main goal is always attempt a slam dunk on the court and in the studio.

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