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With so many film festivals sprouting up across the nation it sometimes hard to pick which one attends or submit work to. In New York alone there is a new one popping up every year. It is hard to weave through which one is more unique or different than the other. Many of them have a similar theme and are carbon copies of each other.

photo by Ed Shin

Yet recently in the Long Island hamlet of Lindenhurst Gerry Ferretti Festival Director and PD Katie Schrader offered a different approach to their festival. According to both, their festival is based on the content of the project rather than issues they may hamper their work. They even established a rating system that is open minded that more based on the content than any other element.

photo by Ed Shin

The festival does not only focus on the big budget projects but also the ultra-low budget films and iPhone caliber shorts. For their third year they opted to offering physical awards designed for each category of films including actor/actress, director awards, best film, editing, cinematography and audience awards. The festival ran this year from October 21-24th and films were shown at two locations: South Shore Theatre Experience and Lindenhurst Moose Lodge.

There were new and seasoned talent there like Wendell Laurent who produced and acted in his project "Daybreak" and the young Nick D'Agosta with his film "David In Quarantine". Nick for one has already had his work in the International Film Festival and the Bright Film Festival in New Jersey. Wendell had his project premiere at the Chelsea Film Festival and the Roosevelt Island Film Festival first before entering it into the NYLIFF. One the of the more special films that were submitted was from Anson Williams and Don Most both of the famous 80's TV comedy "Happy Days". There film titled "Harvest Time" made it very first festival premier at the NYLIFF on Saturday night the 23rd Anson directed it and Don Most produced it.

For any filmmaker or film fan who is looking for an exciting but friendly and networking themed film festival this is the one. Look out for it when it enters its fourth year in 2022. The festival is due to grow and expand in more than one way.

"We wanted to create a film festival that could recognize the "diamond in the rough" that would see the light of day and maybe be noticed. We are about the filmmaker not just the awards or ourselves. We want to recognize award winners but really wish to create a space where people can connect and network," said Gerry.