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It was full house in a large studio in Brooklyn celebrating more than one event. The first was the birthday for the host of the podcast "Reformed Gangster", Anthony Ruggiano Jr. The second was the anticipated team up of ex-gangster Tommy "Flash" Morea, his son John Morea and producer Bobby Moresco (Crash) on an upcoming project. Anthony, under the management of Pasquale Cosenzo organized the party to mark his birthday.

The party also had celebrity actor Leo Rossi (Analyze This) in attendance who was the screenwriter for the upcoming project that meshes the Mob and the sport of hockey. The project, "Breakaway", explores the life and times of father and son Tommy and John Morea. Tommy was a tough guy on the street with the Gambino crime Family who was not around for his son as much as he liked. John, who was raised by his mother, would become interested in hockey and took it to another level and almost to the pros.

"My mother was my rock who supported me and gave me the tools to be successful in the sport. My dad when he came home from prison warmed up to the sport and supported me 100%."

For John it was tough without a father figure as he moved up in the sport. He played in New Jersey, Boston, Quebec, Toronto and all the way to Russia. John played in Double A and made it to Triple A teams. Even though he never made it to the pros he was considered one the best young players across the US. He soon would end up coaching and teaching the sport in NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania. One day while coaching he met one of the players fathers who was producer/director Marc Fiore (Match Game). Once Marc heard about the interesting life of being the son of a mobster and a successful hockey player the idea of a film about his life came into play.

"It was exciting to be able to work with Bobby and my son John on this project. It will show the good and bad times that we both experienced during the time I was away and when I returned to be a part of his life," said Tommy.

The project is in its infant stages but is due to be an emotional roller coaster delving into the mob world of Tommy"s and the sports arena of John"s. There to support this endeavor as we mentioned was seasoned actor Leo Rossi who offered his thoughts on Anthony Ruggiano Jr and his time as an actor.

"In life you learn something every day and watching Anthony on his show I can see and hear nothing but truth and regret for the life he once led. I value that as something to be learned. Even in acting it's the same theory when you work with someone amazing. That someone for me was Ed Asner (Mary Tyler Moore Show). He had a great power of conviction that stood out for me as does Anthony's."

For anyone interested in an inspirational podcast that does not glamorize the mob but offers reasons and facts not to go into a life of crime, "Reformed Gangsters" is it. And on Anthony"s show you can be updated on progress for the film covering the life and times of Tommy "Flash" Morea and his son John Morea on how both managed to create a new bond despite the rough and difficult times they shared.