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Sara who hails from the scenic country of Italy first fell in love with the magic of dancing at the tender age of six years old and has never looked back. Coming from an un-artistic family it was a surprise to her family that she felt this connection to the art of dance. But they supported her all the way. Sara would begin her road into the dance world when she studied Ballet and Modern. Yet she would soon learn about another type of dance totally different which would be Hip Hop and Commercial/Urban Dances. She studied at the Show Time Dance Studio and the Pedagogical Progression of Dance and Choreographic Composition in Italy.

Then she graduated into the opportunity to perform on stage and in music videos. Not to exclude appearing on TV shows. Sara found herself as a back up dancer with the Italian music band "Tiromamcino' for one of their concerts. Around the same time, she collaborated on a dance video with one of the top names in the urban market in Mecnun Giasar, a German choreographer. He won twice at the worldwide dance competition WORLD DANCE.

That was only the beginning for Sara as she also took part in the "Italian’s Got Talent' with the choreography "Mad Bunnies'. She and her team won the second prize in the national annual dance competition of ITALIAN WORLD DANCE with the same piece. Her talent was recognized which opened opportunities to not only perform in commercial spots but was a guest on runways and local festivals.

She would soon spread her wings in New York City and begin turning heads. Coming to NY with a scholarship from the Academy of Steps on Broadway she was on her way. In no time at all she joined the Certificate Program at Peridance Capezio Center. So far, she has worked with such talent like Nicholas Palmquist, Julie Magneville, Elisabetta Minutoli, Max Stone, Julia Ehrstrand, and G^2. Currently, she is a performer with the The Next Stage Project and Valleto. At this point the group Next Stage Project and Valleto were planning to take a project that was supposed to premiere last year on but look to take it on a tour instead. The tour will be a European / USA tour where they would perform in the native countries of the dancers.

"This idea come from the reality that most company members left the USA during pandemic, so we want to make a NYC cast and after travel to the country of each foreigner dancer to recreate a local cast and let this choreography live in different country and with different company members. With Valleto, everything begun with this unbelievable international and technological dance production of four months that flows in this 83min dance movie performance live in zoom. Right now, as a short term I am going to teach at her summer intensive in NYC, and in a long term we are planning a residency in Mexico to recreate this masterpiece in person to after touring it in American and European theatres."

Sara has also created her own creative space called S|R|P|Z which will offer her an opportunity to express her own voice and mission while collaborating with other artists. Her hope is to create and spread art in non-artistic environments to normalize art. She is looking to develop this idea so in the future it could turn into a company or no profit organization. In addition, she has directed her own dance film entitled "Home' after the track she heard by the same name which hit a chord with her. She chose Aika Takeshima as the dancer and videographer Rebecca Oviatt to bring it to life. The message she hoped to convey was to "always believe in yourself and that you are stronger than you may think and that nothing is impossible.'

At this point Sara is working with Paul Rabinowitz (NYC writer) and Georgia Hursborn (UK dancer based in NYC) to make his poetry "The Monastery' into a dance movie and then hopefully into a live performance. On the horizon she is due to work with videographer Kent Miller (NYC photographer) to film a S|R|P|Z project named "When we could Touch'. Within the month of April 2021, she is also looking to release two S|R|P|Z productions with dancer Aika Takeshima. The first one is called "Blocks' which was created for and with the audience. It was first presented via live zoom, but she looks to present it in an open space like a park or museum.

The second addition would be about bipolar disorder. It is based on real testimonials of some people told through an artistic point of view in the aim to normalize this mental condition. She hopes to present it live at an opening of a NYC mental health care organization. For this specific project she is the creator, choreographer, and videographer. Sara is a strong force of nature that will do anything to bring her love of dance to the world in many different facets.

"I do have a strong vision because I feel that dance it is my voice and my vehicle to spread my mission. I believe as everyone in this world that have been choosing as a career, I choose to express my opinion through art, and I will use it to contribute to this world to make a better place for everyone. Therefore, my mission is "to normalize art and to empower minorities'. "To normalize art' because I feel that between the "ordinary people' and artists there is a wall."